Highly Migratory Species Annual Report on Research

The HMS Annual Report details Southwest Fisheries Science Center research during the past year relating to tunas, albacore, billfishes, oceanic sharks, and protected species associated with their fisheries. The Center’s HMS work supports healthy U.S. and Pacific fisheries, protected marine species, and fish habitat. It provides the best available science for fisheries managers within the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Pacific Fishery Management Council and several international regional fishery management organizations. HMS activities included stock assessments, socio-economic research, research on interactions between fisheries and protected species, population dynamics studies including fish movement research, and life history studies.


Past Reports

2019 HMS Annual Report

2018 HMS Annual Report

2017 HMS Annual Report

2016 HMS Annual Report 

2014 HMS Annual Report

2013 HMS Annual Report

2012 HMS Annual Report

2011 HMS Annual Report

2010 HMS Annual Report

2009 HMS Annual Report

2008 HMS Annual Report 


Last modified: 7/24/2019