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<!-- Image filename: ROV_Tether.jpg -->

Closeup of the ROV tether. 
 The fiber optic bundle transmits the video and photos 
taken on the sea floor back to the scientists on the ship. There are three optical fibers--one carries video and photo information, 
another carries data information gathered by the instruments on the ROV, and the third is a spare. 
Copper wire bundles, surrounding the fiber optics, carry electricity to 
the instruments on the ROV. The visible yellow coating is a protective jacket, while the pink material provides some flotation and additional protection from chaffing.

<!-- Image filename: Made_in_Mobile.jpg -->

The Independence was built in Mobile, AL. 
 Sitting at berth at the far end of the harbor, the Independence, a one-of-a-kind stealth Navy vessel, has interesting lines for 
a photograph.

A pilot, with special training to help steer ships in and out of port, is brought to the Pisces 
aboard this ship. 
 Pilots must have special training and certification to bring ships in and out of a port.  The pilot 
is transported to an incoming or outgoing boat by a transport vessel to safely steer the ship.  This 
was the boat transporting the pilot to the Pisces

<!-- Image filename: Scott_Dave.jpg -->

Scott and Dave discuss the launching of the ROV. 
 Scott Mau and Dave Murfin, employees of NOAA at La Jolla, California, discuss deployment of the ROV.  
This new model ROV was designed by Scott, Dave, Kevin Stierhoff, and John Butler and was first deployed in January 2011.

Date: May 31, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko

Tugboat in the harbor. 
 Tugboats are used extensively in the harbor.  They often help bring boats in and out of port. 
This one is heading to its next job.

Date: May 31, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko