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<!-- Image filename: DaveFixes.jpg -->

Dave Murfin works on the transfer to the new ROV. 
 Dave Murfin works under a tent on the fantail to help the rest of the ROV crew transfer equipment 
over to the other vehicle.  The process took the entire day.

Date: June 5, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko

Jana Thoma poses with some crab samples from the Oculina vericosa samples collected. 
 Jana Thoma, doctoral candidate from Lafayette University, LA, shows the crab samples she 
collected from the coral on the previous dive.  Her husband will also be able to use these 
data in his research.    

Date: June 5, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko

John Butler checks the gear before launching the ROV. 
 John Butler, head of the ROV crew, checks over the equipment to make sure everything is in 
working order before the dive.  

Date: June 5, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko

When stressed, Lophelia pertusa oozes mucus. 
 Lophelia pertusa is a deep water coral.  We collected this sample and prepared it for DNA analysis 
and other research.  The scientists were very happy to get this small piece. 

Date: June 5, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko

Steve Roth discusses making a benthic grab. 
 Steve Roth peers through the benthic grabber and discusses dropping the grabber down to the ocean floor. 
The gathered samples will be used to determine the health of the sediment and animals.

Date: June 2, 2011 
Photo credit: (c) Sue Zupko