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Genetic Matchmaking in California Salmon Hatcheries (New York Times)

The New York Times published an article about Fisheries Ecology Division geneticists and their work matching mating pairs to maintain genetic diversity at California salmon hatcheries.

Timing of Steelhead Reproduction Found to Be Highly Heritable

Fisheries Ecology Division scientists have used intergenerational genetic tagging of Russian River steelhead to demonstrate high heritability in the timing of their return from the ocean and subsequent reproduction.

California Hatchery Scientific Review

A comprehensive review of California's salmonid hatcheries was conducted by an expert panel of scientists, including Fisheries Ecology Division researchers Michael Mohr and John Carlos Garza.

First Sampling Phase Complete for Chinook Salmon Ocean Distribution Mapping

The first phase of sampling has been completed for mapping the ocean distribution and migration patterns of Chinook salmon in the California Current.

Genetic Stock Identification of 2010 Monterey Bay Chinook Salmon Recreational Fishery

The Fisheries Ecology Division’s genetics team sampled and analyzed catches from the Monterey Bay Chinook salmon recreational fishery on the 2010 season opening weekend.

Science Article on Endangered Central Coast Coho

Science Magazine reported on the plight of the endangered central California coast coho salmon and the increasing probability of extinction due to three consecutive years of exceedingly low returns.

Salmon Creek Reintroduction Experiment Successfully Produced Juvenile Coho

Fisheries Ecology Division scientists provided genetic analysis of Salmon Creek juvenile coho, confirming they are progeny resulting from a reintroduction experiment in late 2008.

Workgroup Evaluates Hatchery Chinook Marking and Tagging Programs

Fisheries Ecology Division scientists convened a workgroup meeting to evaluate alternative marking and tagging programs for hatchery produced California fall Chinook salmon.

Report on Sacramento River Fall Chinook Stock Collapse Available

A multi-agency scientific review panel lead by SWFSC and NWFSC scientists released a report that outlines potential causes for the recent severe decline of Sacramento River fall Chinook salmon.

Working Group Organizes to Consider Causes of Salmon Decline

The Fisheries Ecology Division hosted the organizational meeting of a working group to consider possible causes of decline in Sacramento River salmon.

Ancestry of Southern California Steelhead and Rainbow Trout

Fisheries Ecology Division researchers have published a paper demonstrating that steelhead and rainbow trout above major dams in five Southern California river systems are descended from coastal steelhead lineage fish trapped above the dams at construction.

Klamath Salmon Genetic Stock ID in the News

Carlos Garza and the Molecular Ecology Team were featured in a television news story on the use of genetic stock ID to help ocean salmon fisherman avoid endangered Klamath River salmon.

Salmon Genetic Stock Identification Workshop

Churchill Grimes, Michael Mohr, and Carlos Garza attended a NMFS-sponsored workshop to develop a genetic stock identification study proposal for 2007-2009 ocean salmon fisheries.

Klamath Dam Relicensing Hearing

Carlos Garza and Thomas Williams provided testimony for an Energy Policy Act hearing on relicensing of PacifiCorp’s Klamath River dams.

Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting

The Fisheries Ecology Division's Molecular Ecology Team hosted the biennial Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting, bringing together scientists from six U.S. states and Canada.

Last modified: 2/9/2016