Salmon Assessment Team

The Salmon Assessment Team provides scientific support to salmon fishery management and conducts research on salmon dynamics, assessment, and ecology.

Members of the team have a long history of conducting and contributing to salmon stock assessments through the Salmon Technical Team of the Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC). We also serve on the PFMC Scientific and Statistical Committee, ensuring that sound science guides fishery management decisions. Team members regularly contribute to Endangered Species Act (ESA) Biological Review Teams and provide scientific advice in support of fishery consultations for ESA-listed salmon populations.

The team maintains an active research program with a broad focus on improving salmon assessment and management. Research themes include population dynamics, demography, statistical methods for natural resource management, and stock assessment. Team members participate in a variety of working groups, including those focused on hatchery review, stock assessment improvement, amendment of fishery management plans, and genetic stock identification.

Team members

Research activities

Last modified: 7/25/2017