Current U.S. AMLR Field Season

2014-15: U.S. AMLR 29th Field Season Underway!

The U.S. Antarctic Marine Living Resources (AMLR) Program kicked off the 29th consecutive field season when the first team of researchers departed Punta Arenas (Chile) on October 27, 2014. CSlogo On board the National Science Foundation's R/V Laurence Gould, the team headed for the Cape Shirreff field station on Livingston Island where they conducted predator (seabirds and pinniped) studies through early March.  The Copa field team completed a brief season in January, also accomplishing their objectives for the season. This season promises to be very interesting, especially following on the heels of last season's winter oceanographic survey (you can read the reports for that survey here).  AMLR researchers are excited to see how the local predators fare this austral summer following the strong prey cohort we observed during the winter survey. 

The Cape Shirreff field camp opened early Halloween (October 31, 2014) morning; researchers completed pinniped and seabird studies on site into early March.  Weekly reports from the team are posted below.

Weekly Sit Reps from Cape Shirreff study site
CS Sit Rep 1: November 3, 2014
CS Sit Rep 2: November 10, 2014
CS Sit Rep 3: November 17, 2014
CS Sit Rep 4: November 24, 2014
CS Sit Rep 5: December 1, 2014
CS Sit Rep 6: December 8, 2014
CS Sit Rep 7: December 15, 2014
CS Sit Rep 8: December 22, 2014
CS Sit Rep 9: December 29, 2014
CS Sit Rep 10: January 5, 2015
CS Sit Rep 11: January 12, 2015
CS Sit Rep 12: January 19, 2015
CS Sit Rep 13: January 26, 2015
CS Sit Rep 14: February 2, 2015
CS Sit Rep 15: February 9, 2015
CS Sit Rep 16: February 16, 2015
CS Sit Rep 17: February 23, 2015
CS Sit Rep 18: March 2, 2015
CS Sit Rep 19: March 9, 2015
CS Sit Rep 20: March 13, 2015

The U.S. AMLR Program is planning to conduct another winter oceanographic survey in August 2015 - stay tuned for more information as our plans develop! 

Weekly Sit Reps from RVIB Palmer
WAMLR Sit Rep 1: (dates TBD)WAMLR Sit Rep 2: (dates TBD)WAMLR Sit Rep 3: (dates TBD)
WAMLR Sit Rep 4: (dates TBD)

This season AMLR researchers conducted limited studies at the Copacabana Field Camp on King George Island.  AMLR Director George Watters and seabird researcher Jefferson Hinke opened the Copacabana site on Monday, January 12th. They were on site for a few weeks, during which time they downloaded data from several recording instruments (cameras, weather stations and receivers) and completed several animal studies.  Weekly reports describing their work - both scientific and logistic - are below.  A comphrehensive field season report (to be completed later this year, covering both island site programs) will provide greater detail on what was accomplished during this brief but productive field season at Copa.

Weekly Sit Reps from Copacabana study site
Copa Sit Rep 1: January 19, 2015
Copa Sit Rep 2: January 25, 2015
Copa Sit Rep 3: January 28, 2015

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