Fisheries Ecology Division
Organization Chart

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Fisheries Ecology Division
Division Director: Steve Lindley


Fisheries Investigation
Investigation Chief: Michael Mohr


Groundfish Analysis
Team Leader: John Field


Salmon Assessment
Team Leader: Michael Mohr


Landscape Ecology
Team Leader: Nate Mantua


Fisheries Economics
Team Leader: (vacant)

Ecology Investigation
Investigation Chief: Susan Sogard


Early Life History
Team Leader: Susan Sogard


Salmon Ocean Ecology
Team Leader: (vacant)


Molecular Ecology
Team Leader: Carlos Garza


Habitat Ecology
Team Leader: Mary Yoklavich

Other science staff


Humboldt State University
Cooperative Fisheries Oceanography
Research Team (CFORT)

Team Leader: Eric Bjorkstedt


UC Davis
Central Valley Liaison

Rachel Johnson


Administrative Support


Deputy Director: Kate Achilles
Administrative Officer: Steve Miller


Information Technology
Team Leader: David Nordello


Librarian: Kit Johnston


Also at the Santa Cruz facility


Monterey Bay
National Marine Sanctuary

(Satellite office)


Selected staff from:

SWFSC Environmental Research Division

SWFSC Fisheries Resources Division

NMFS Office of Communications

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