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Fisheries Ecology Division Steve Lindley, Division Director
Early Life History Susan Sogard, Team Leader
Fisheries Assessment Michael Mohr, Team Leader
Groundfish Analysis John Field, Team Leader
Salmon Assessment Michael Mohr, Team Leader
Fisheries Economics (Michael Mohr, acting Team Leader)
Habitat Ecology Mary Yoklavich, Team Leader
Molecular Ecology and Genetic Analysis Carlos Garza, Team Leader
Salmon Ecology Nate Mantua, Team Leader
Biophysical Ecology Eric Danner, Team Leader
Landscape and Seascape Ecology Nate Mantua, Team Leader
Off-site Researchers  
Fisheries Oceanography (Humboldt State) Eric Bjorkstedt, Team Leader
Central Valley (UC Davis) Rachel Johnson
Operations, Management, and Information Kate Achilles, Deputy Director
Office Management Steve Miller, Team Leader
Information Technology David Nordello, Team Leader
Library Kit Johnston, Librarian
Also at the Santa Cruz facility, selected staff from:
UCSC Institute of Marine SciencesThe previous link is a link to Non-Federal government web site. Click to review NOAA Fisheries disclaimer.
(Anne Criss, Deputy Director for SWFSC Collaborations)
SWFSC Environmental Research Division
SWFSC Fisheries Resources Division
NMFS Office of Communications
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
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