10-28-19 FRD Org Chart(1)

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Russ Vetter, Ph.D. FRD Director Dale Sweetnam Planning and Administration Sam McClatchie, Ph.D. David Demer, Ph.D. Suzanne Kohin, Ph.D. Dave Griffith CalCOFI Ship Operations Program Sam McClatchie, Ph.D. CPS Fisheries Oceanography Program William Watson Ichthyoplankton Ecology Program Nancy Lo, Ph.D. CPS Biology Program David Demer, Ph.D. Acoustic Survey Technologies Program John Butler, Ph.D. Benthic Survey Program John Hyde, Ph.D. Molecular Ecology and Biotechnology Program Dale Squires, Ph.D. Social Science Program Suzanne Kohin, Ph.D. HMS Biology Suzanne Kohin, Ph.D. HMS Population Modeling John Childers Fisheries Monitoring Program Ray Conser, Ph.D. MSRA and Data Poor Stocks Program
Last modified: 10/28/2019