The US AMLR 2007-08 field season is complete!

In October (yes, October!) 2007, AMLR researchers, with support from the National Science Foundation, opened the Copacabana field station in Admiralty Bay (King George Island).  Summary activity reports (in PDF format) are posted below.

On November 7th, researchers from the AERD opened the Cape Shirreff field station on Livingston Island.  The researchers residing on the island sent weekly summary reports of activities completed; the reports (in PDF format) are posted below.

The research cruise on board the R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya left port early morning on January 11th, from Punta Arenas, Chile, and headed down towards the peninsula.  Weekly reports of the vessel activities (in PDF format) are posted below

Two long but fruitful months later, the vessel returned to Punta Arenas on March 15th, with researchers from both field stations in tow.  With the close of this field season, the AMLR Program has successfully completed 22 consecutive years of survey effort in the Antarctic peninsula region. 

The 2007-08 AMLR Cruise Plan (in PDF format) includes a summary of scheduled activities on board the R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya, including the cruise participants, and charts of the proposed vessel tracklines and regions of surveys.

Additional information about the AMLR field season projects, including collaborations and participations on other 2008 field programs, is available on our AMLR IPY 2008 webpage.  Christopher Jones participated in the CAML IPY Ross Sea cruise hosted by New Zealand; field reports, blogs and videos for that cruise are posted here.

Copacabana 07-08 Reports

Opening 1 November 8 November
15 November 22 November 29 November
6 December 13 December 20 December
27 December 3 January 10 January
17 January 24 January 31 January
7 February 14 February 21 February
28 February 6 March 13 March

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Cape Shirreff 07-08 Reports

12 November 19 November 26 November
3 December 10 December 17 December
24 December 31 December 7 January
14 January 21 January 28 January
4 February 11 February 18 February
25 February 3 March 10 March

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R/V Yuzhmorgeologiya 07-08 Reports

14 January 21 January 30 January
4 February 13 February 20 February
2 March 11 March
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Last modified: 11/8/2017