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The mission of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center is to generate the scientific information necessary for the conservation and management of the region’s living marine resources.

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center is the research arm of NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service in the Southwest Region. Center scientists conduct marine biological, economic and oceanographic research, observations and monitoring on living marine resources and their environment throughout the Pacific Ocean and in the Southern Ocean off Antarctica. The ultimate purpose of these scientific efforts is for the conservation and management of marine and anadromous fish, marine mammal, sea turtle and other marine life populations to ensure that they remain at sustainable and healthy levels.

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Division News

California Leatherback Day Celebration at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center

The powerful leatherback turtle swims 6,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean to feed on jellyfish that are abundant along the California coast during summer and fall months. As many as 300 of these trans ocean travelers visit the California coastline

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Affected a Slice of Gulf of Mexico Bluefin Spawning Habitat

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacted the Western Atlantic bluefin tuna’s spawning habitat, including the shelf and slope waters of the northern Gulf of Mexico, a new study confirms. The spill occurred in the warm spring months during the

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Numbers Remain Low; but an Increase Detected

Stock assessment indicates that management measures already in place are likely to help. Scientists just completed a new, improved stock assessment of the Pacific

West Coast Research Expedition Tracks Elusive Beaked Whales

Marine mammal scientists are beginning a research expedition in search of the least known, most mysterious and deepest diving whales off the West Coast. The expedition on the NOAA ship Bell M. Shimada will employ a newly developed

SWFSC Study Documenting Economic Importance of Recreational Fishing Featured on Sportfishing Website, BD Outdoors

Collaboration between the Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the Sportfishing Association of California was recently featured in an article by recreational fishing website Bloody Decks Outdoors. The program unites scientists and

NOAA Scientists Search for Endangered White Abalone

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) gives scientists an up close look at a severely depleted seafloor species