Division Director: Gerard DiNardo

We develop the scientific foundation for the conservation and management of marine resources in the California Current and Pan-Pacific Pelagic Ecosystems. We serve the public and contribute information to management organizations and the scientific community.

The work of FRD is organized into four functional groups:  Ecosystem Monitoring, Fish Ecology, Analysis and Synthesis, and  Communication and Administration.

Cross-cutting these functional groups are four research programs: Coastal Pelagic Species, Highly Migratory Species, West Coast Groundfish, and  Abalone.

Ecosystem Monitoring: 

CalCOFI: Sam McClatchie

Ship Operations: David Griffith

Manages all cruises and data bases for Division; technical staffing of all cruises (supplemented by other Division employees); sorts all plankton collected by Division; provides data products to Division scientists; operates, maintains shipboard sampling gear (MOCNESS samplers, egg pumps, high speed trawls, CTD); develops /maintains shipboard and land-based data-entry systems; represents Division/SWFSC interests in vessel operations; provides guidance and expertise to Division on data processing and management issues.

Advanced Survey Technology: David Demer Ph.D.

Fishery Monitoring: John Childers

Fish Ecology: 

Conducts research on the physiological ecology and genetics of fishes; develops molecular techniques for larval identification; conducts research on the effects of anthropogenic and natural environmental stressors on the early life stages of fishes; provides guidance and expertise on physiology and molecular biology.

Genetics, Physiology and Aquaculture: John Hyde Ph.D.

Highly Migratory Species: Suzanne Kohin Ph.D

Ichthyoplankton Lab: William Watson

Conducts research on ecological relationships of the early life history stages of fishes taken during CalCOFI and other ichthyoplankton surveys; provides basis for stock assessments by identifying eggs and larvae of fishes taken on CalCOFI, egg pump, and other Division field surveys; stages eggs and establishes egg staging systems for Daily Egg Production Method (DEPM) surveys and other projects; provides Division guidance and expertise on early life history of fishes for habitat and community ecology studies and stock assessments.

Analysis and Synthesis: 

Economics and Social Science: Dale Squires Ph.D.

Economic evaluation of management options for coastal pelagic and groundfish stocks; represents SWFSC & Division in the Pacific Fishery Management Council The previous link is a link to Non-Federal government web site. Click to review NOAA Fisheries disclaimer; conducts research on fishery economics and provides guidance and expertise in fishery economics.

Fishery Oceanography: Sam McClatchie Ph.D.