Division Director: Dale Sweetnam (Acting)

We develop the scientific foundation for the conservation and management of marine resources in the California Current and Pan-Pacific Pelagic Ecosystems. We serve the public and contribute information to management organizations and the scientific community.

The work of FRD is organized into four functional groups: Ecosystem Monitoring, Fish Ecology, Analysis and Synthesis, and Communication and Administration.

Cross-cutting these functional groups are four research programs: Coastal Pelagic Species, Highly Migratory Species, West Coast Groundfish, and Abalone.

Ecosystem Monitoring:

CalCOFI: Sam McClatchie Ph.D.

Ship Operations: David Griffith

Advanced Survey Technology: David Demer Ph.D.

Fishery Monitoring: John Childers

Fish Ecology:

Genetics, Physiology and Aquaculture: John Hyde Ph.D.

FRD Life History Program: Roger Hewitt Ph.D. (acting program leader)

Ichthyoplankton: William Watson

Analysis and Synthesis:

Economics and Social Science: Dale Squires Ph.D.

Fish Population Dynamics and Modeling: Kevin Hill Ph.D.

Science Reviews and Workshop Reports:

2015: Close-kin Mark Recapture as a tool for Estimation of Spawning Biomass in Pacific Bluefin Tuna: Sampling Design and Sampling Plan, Workshop Report, 27-29 May 2015, La Jolla CA

2014: SWFSC Program Review of Fish Stock Assessments, 23 July – 1 Aug 2014, La Jolla, CA

2013: Program Review of Data Management, 29 July – 1 August 2013, La Jolla, CA