Flowchart for Approval and Notification Procedures for Research Communications:

Everything you Need to Know and More

Marine Mammal & Turtle Division, SWFSC, NMFS, NOAA (August 2015)

The below applies to all research communications on which a MMTD scientist is an author (senior or co-author), including:
  • Articles and letters in peer-reviewed journals
  • Articles in professional journals that are not peer-reviewed (e.g. some foreign journals)
  • Books (technical and popular)
  • Books and encyclopedia chapters (technical or popular)
  • Popular magazine articles
  • NOAA Technical Memoranda SWFSC Administrative Reports, Cruise, Data and Field Season Reports made accessible to the public
  • Letters to peer-reviewed journals
  • Web pages with significant new data or research content made accessible to the public
  • Cruise reports summarizing methods and reporting data made accessible to the public

Prior to journal submission:

  • Internal review: in consultation with your supervisor choose one (or more) internal reviewers.
  • After responding to the internal review, provide to Lynn the revised manuscript and the SWFSC Fundamental Research Communication (FRC) Review and Approval Form signed by your supervisor. 
  • Upon receiving the signed and approved FRC Review and Approval Form, the manuscript is ready for submission to external peer review or public dissemination, if it is an internal Tech Memo, etc.).

At submission (after internal review is complete for senior-authored publications; concurrent with journal review for co-authored publications):

  • Send citation and abstract to Program Lead/Lisa for inclusion in the MMTD weekly report.

When accepted:

  • Submit the following information in a Word document to Lisa for inclusion in the SWFSC weekly report. Please use this exact format. 
    • Name of journal or publication 
    • Acceptance date 
      • Expected publication date
      • Authors with NOAA authors indicated in bold plus affiliation [(e.g., First Name Last Name (NMFS/SWFSC)]
      • Title of paper 
      • Abstract from paper 
      • Link to electronic version of paper (if applicable)
      • Significance of scientific conclusions for management, policy or to the broader scientific community (three bullets or less) 
      • Degree of controversy (high, medium, low). If medium or high, state why.
      • Press release (yes or no) 
      • Rollout plan (yes or no)
  • Prior to committing to pay any page or color figure charges a printing waiver is needed. Lynn can prepare and submit the request if you send them a final draft of the accepted publication and an invoice from the journal.
  • An approved printing waiver is usually issued in a couple days. Once received, it is OK to pay page charges on a government purchase card. Please include a copy the signed printing waiver with your next purchase card statement, reconciliation log, receipts, etc.

When published (for peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, Tech Memos, Admin Reports and popular articles):

  • Send citation and abstract to Program Lead/Lisa for inclusion in the MMTD weekly report.
  • Send final pdf to SWFSC.Publications@noaa.gov.