2008 NOAA Ocean Satellite Data Course Announced (December 13, 2007)

2008 NOAA Ocean Satellite Data Course Announced

 - March 24-26, 2008 -
Cooperative Institute for Oceanographic Satellite Studies (CIOSS)
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Cara Wilson, Dave Foley (SWFSC/ERD) and Carlos Rivero (SEFSC) are organizing this 3-day course that will give an overview of the types of environmental satellite data available, where and how to access the data, and methods of working with the data, including importing into GIS applications and the use of OPeNDAP. Participants are expected to come to the course with a specific project to work on during the lab component of the course. Application deadline is January 31, 2008. 

Additional information available from http://www.pfel.noaa.gov/events/workshops/noaasatcourse2008/