SWFSC hosts the 12th annual Trinational Sardine Forum

On December 8th and 9th, SWFSC held the 12th Annual Trinational Sardine Forum (TSF) at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, CA. The Forum attendees included seventy participants from Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States and represented areas of government, academia, and industry. The presentations included regional fishery reports spanning locations from Mexico to Canada. Several updates and papers presented current conditions of stock structure, regional biomass, sardine stock assessment, age and growth assessment, and ecosystem. A large portion of the Forum on Friday, December 9th, was dedicated to Working Group Breakout Sessions. Here, participants were able to voice individual opinions and discuss issues regarding three topics: Regional Biomass Estimates, Stock Structure, and Industry Trends and Issues. The Forum's focus issue centered on the upcoming Coastwide Survey, and allowed members from Canada, Mexico and the United States to further the joint-planning effort for a possible trinational collective survey in summer of 2012.


Further information and pictures from the event can be found on the Trinational Sardine Forum Website.


The next Trinational Sardine Forum will be held in Seattle in 2012. 



 2011 TSF Participants1

Photo of 2011 TSF Participants