2011 CalCOFI Conference

The annual CalCOFI conference was held December 12-14th at the Sumner Auditorium, SIO. Eighty participants representing government, academia and industry attended from Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Members of the California Department of Fish and Game gave presentations on the status of fisheries covering various species. On December 13th, the symposium focused on the integrated ecosystem assessment and ecosystem modeling of the California Current. Dr. Francisco Werner, SWFSC Director, spoke on behalf of the Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization (CAMEO), regarding the development of a climate-to-fish-to-fishers model and its possible implementation in the eastern Pacific sardine and anchovy system. A total of sixteen contributed papers and eight posters addressed a variety of topics including interactions between species and in relation to present oceanographic conditions, and included potential methods of managing the ecosystem's resources. The new NMFS Director of Scientific Programs and Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Richard Merrick, took the opportunity to introduce himself and gave a brief presentation on his perspective for the upcoming scientific direction for NMFS.


The 2012 CalCOFI conference will be held on the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA.