CalCOFI Book Published

"Regional Fisheries Oceanography of the California Current System: The CalCOFI program"The previous link is a link to Non-Federal government web site. Click to review NOAA Fisheries Disclaimer by Sam McClatchie was published by Springer in late 2013.

“This book is a comprehensive survey of the study of fisheries oceanography in a region with a long history of pioneering oceanographic investigations,” writes Paul Fiedler, oceanographer. “It is both a valuable summary of regional fisheries oceanography and of the history of fisheries and applied science on the California coast.”

McClatchie’s book summarizes information of more than 60-year California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigation (CalCOFI). While providing a large bibliography (600 references), it extracts themes relevant to current research rather than only providing a compendious literature review. It delivers an up-to-date reference to the current state of knowledge of fisheries oceanography in the California Current System.

It is written for multidisciplinary fisheries scientists new to working in the California Current System and specialists wishing to access information outside their areas of expertise. “It will be a useful review and reference point for undergraduate and graduate school students, for practicing scientists, and even for the interested public,” writes Fiedler. 

The California Current System is one of the best studied ocean regions of the world. This book is the most-comprehensive and integrated current review of the regional fisheries oceanography of the California Current System.

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