Report Of The 2011 Contribution of Marine Recreational Angling to the California Economy

Marine Recreational Angling in California is more than a leisure activity; it is an activity that contributes more than 10 thousand jobs and 1.4 billion dollars in output (sales) statewide. The 2011 National Angler Expenditures and Economic Impact Assessment report provides an estimate of how marine recreational angling contributes to the economies of coastal communities and to the nation’s economy.  The report is the product of a successful collaboration between NOAA, its research partners, and members of the marine recreational angling community that filled out the detailed survey.  The report tabulates expenditures and the economic contribution of marine recreational angling to California, all other coastal states and the nation as a whole.  The economic analysis is based on a year-long survey of the trip and durable good expenditures of marine recreational anglers.

In California, total angler expenditures on marine recreational fishing were $923 million in 2011. Trip expenditures were $388 million and expenditures on durable goods were $535 million. Mean trip expenditures by residents on for-hire fishing trips were $217.85, $123.90 on private boat trips, and $70.21 for shore trips. Non-resident mean trip expenditures were $397.32, $191.83, and $62.15 respectively. Durable good mean expenditures were $655.86 by residents and $61.73 by non-residents. Trip expenditures generated approximately 4.1 thousand jobs and durable expenses generated 6 thousand jobs. Total angler expenditures contributed over $120 million in state and local tax impacts and $124 million in federal tax impacts.

The California Results and the Full Report can be accessed on-line. 

The study and report were authored by Sabrina Lovell (Office of Science and Technology, NMFS), Scott Steinback (NEFSC), and James Hilger (SWFSC).

Lovell, Sabrina, Scott Steinback, and James Hilger. 2013. The Economic Contribution of Marine Angler Expenditures in the United States, 2011. U.S. Dep. Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-F/SPO-134, 188 p.