Economics Staff from the Southwest Fishery Science Center Contribute to Annual Report on the Economic Impact of the Commercial and Recreational Fisheries in California and the U.S.

The annual Fisheries Economics of the U.S. statistical series that provides economic information related to commercial and recreational fishing activities, and fishing-related industries in the each Coast State and the United States has been updated and released for 2012.
The economic impact of commercial and recreational fishing activities is reported in terms of employment, sales, and value-added impacts.  The report includes descriptive statistics on commercial fisheries landings, revenue, and price trends; recreational fishing effort, participation rates, and expenditure information; and employer and non-employer establishment, payroll, and annual receipt information for fishing-related industries.
California commercial and recreational saltwater fishing generated more than $25 billion in sales in 2012, a gain of over 19 percent over the previous year, with the economic impact of fishing jobs increasing 19 percent from 2011 to 2012. Additional statistics on California’s Commercial and Recreational Fisheries can be found in the Pacific States report or the full U.S. Report.