AMLR Program highlighted by the National Science Foundation

Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division (AERD) scientists Dr. Mike Goebel and Dr. Wayne Trivelpiece, leaders of the U.S. AMLR pinniped and penguin research programs, respectively, have been highlighted by the National Science Foundation for their work in the Antarctic. Dr. Goebel and Dr. Trivelpiece spend several months each year in remote field camps on Livingston Island and King George Island just off the Antarctic Peninsula. Dr. Goebel's work on pinniped diet and foraging location has allowed him to correlate pinniped ecology with environmental factors such as the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC). Dr. Trivelpiece has tracked the rise and fall of several penguin populations, and has linked these population fluctuations to climate change. Both Dr. Goebel and Dr. Trivelpiece work for the AERD in the Southwest Fisheries Science Center.