Historical California Landings Data

Alec MacCall and Don Pearson of the SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division have been working with the NESDIS Climate Database Modernization Project (CDMP) to digitize detailed historical California fish landings data that were previously available only on microfiche. The first phase, now complete, includes 1931-1968 market category landings by location of catch (10-minute geographical grid block) and month. A publicly-accessible database will be created once minor quality checks and error correction have been done, and these data are already being used in some of this year’s groundfish stock assessments. The CDMP project now moves into its second phase, in which historical individual vessel landings data will be captured. (June 8, 2007)

Contact: Alec MacCall, 831-420-3950, Alec.MacCall@noaa.gov