Acoustic Tag Data for Salmon and Steelhead

CALFED has funded an acoustic tagging project with a grant to Peter Klimley (UC Davis) and Fisheries Ecology Division scientists Bruce MacFarlane, Steve Lindley, and Arnold Ammann. The project has acquired several partners including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish & Game, San Francisco Bay Planning Coalition, and the East Bay Municipal Utility District.

Roughly 750 juvenile chinook salmon and steelhead were tagged and released at several sites on the Sacramento River in January 2007, and more than 150 receivers were placed at strategic locations from the Sacramento River down through the Delta and San Francisco Estuary.

In March 2007, the first download of some (but not all) of the acoustic receivers yielded over 300,000 detections. Some of the fish were detected at the Golden Gate, thus indicating rapid emigration to sea, confirming work previously done by Fisheries Ecology Division staff using otolith ageing techniques. (March 12, 2007)