Juvenile Salmonid Survey

In August the Fisheries Ecology Division’s Salmon Ecology Team conducted an eleven-day juvenile salmonid survey on the continental shelf between the Golden Gate and Cape Blanco, Oregon using the NOAA Ship David Starr Jordan. During the cruise, 29 trawl stations were surveyed, each of which included a surface Nordic Rope Trawl, CTD cast, Bongo and Manta net tows. Additionally, 53 other CTD casts were done in a grid pattern within the survey area.

A total of 110 juvenile salmonids were collected, mostly north of Cape Mendocino. Twenty-one (21) juvenile steelhead were captured; in the previous 11 years of surveying the area between Monterey Bay and Pt. Arena (approximately 27 cruises), only four steelhead were collected. The catch was primarily a mix of Chinook and coho salmon. All fish will be genotyped to determine population of origin. Sea surface temperatures (at 3 m) varied widely from a low of 9.6°C to a high of 18.5°C. The warmest seas were in the northern end of the survey. (August 27, 2007)