SWFSC Co-hosting the 2008 Western Groundfish Conference

Staff of the Fisheries Ecology Division will co-host the Fifteenth Western Groundfish Conference at the Cocoanut Grove in Santa Cruz, February 4-8, 2008.  The Western Groundfish Conference is a unique opportunity to review current research on groundfish science and management on the west coast of the United States and Canada. Attendees represent state and federal fishery agencies, regional management councils, universities, conservation groups, and fishing and other marine industries.

Topics of discussion include stock assessment, management targets and thresholds, advanced survey technology, ecosystem analysis, marine protected areas, habitat characterization, and general fishery biology. The conference will include oral and poster sessions (ABSTRACTS DUE 15 NOVEMBER 2007), a science & industry panel discussion on The Sustainability Myth, evening socials, and a field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The atmosphere will be informal to encourage communication among the various stakeholders and managers of our fisheries.

(October 15, 2007)