SWFSC Scientists Win 2007 Fishery Bulletin Best Paper Award

SWFSC’s Mary Yoklavich and Tara Anderson have won the NMFS 2007 Fishery Bulletin Best Paper Award for their article:

Anderson, Tara J., and Mary M. Yoklavich. 2007. Multiscale habitat associations of deepwater demersal fishes off central California. Fishery Bulletin 105:168-179.
(Download the paper: /publications/FED/00762.pdf )

This paper describes the response of fishes to demersal habitats at spatial scales ranging from centimeters (individual fish habitat) to kilometers (broad-scale assemblage habitats). This approach to resolving fish-habitat associations and habitat complexity over multiple scales is currently being applied to several management processes, including the designation of Essential Fish Habitats for west coast groundfish; groundtruthing coastwide seafloor habitat maps; the use of habitat characteristics as surrogates for fish species distributions in ecosystem-based management; and the implementation of California's Marine Life Protection Act.

The quarterly Fishery Bulletin has been an official publication of the U.S. Government since 1881, and is the U.S. counterpart to other highly regarded governmental fisheries science publications. It publishes original research or interpretative articles in all scientific fields related to marine fisheries. Manuscripts submitted for publication in the Fishery Bulletin undergo peer review by senior scientists within and outside the government. Each year one paper is selected to receive the "Best Paper Award" in the Fishery Bulletin, in recognition of an exceptional contribution to fisheries science. (March 3, 2008)