Southern Range Limit of Coho Salmon Established

An article in the September 2007 issue of Fisheries establishes the southern range limit of coho salmon at Santa Cruz County. The publication “Coho Salmon Are Native South of San Francisco Bay: A Reexamination of North American Coho Salmon’s Southern Range Limit” by P. Adams (SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division), L. Botsford, K. Gobalet, R. Leidy, D. McEwan, P. Moyle, J. Smith, J. Williams, and R. Yoshiyama examines historical records, museum collections, archeological collections, hatchery records, habitat characteristics, and weather conditions to establish that coho occurred in Santa Cruz County when European settlement begins. The article is important in both Federal and state ESA lawsuits regarding the listing of coho salmon south of San Francisco.

(October 29, 2007)