Fifteenth Western Groundfish Conference

Fifteenth Western Groundfish Conference
February 4-8, 2008
Location: Cocoanut Grove conference center, Santa Cruz, California

The Fisheries Ecology Division co-hosted the Fifteenth Western Groundfish Conference, a meeting of over 200 participants representing state and federal fishery agencies, regional management councils, universities, conservation groups, and fishing and other marine industries.

Dr. Alan Longhurst, renowned marine biologist and oceanographer, presented the keynote address entitled “The Sustainability Myth,” challenging scientists and fishermen to reflect on the broad and cumulative impacts of fishing on marine ecosystems. The lecture was followed by an interactive panel of regional fishermen, scientists, and fisheries managers who discussed their perceptions of sustainability and the state of regional fisheries with conference participants.

The conference included oral and poster sessions on stock assessment, management targets and thresholds, advanced survey technology, ecosystem analysis, marine protected areas, habitat characterization, and general fishery biology. This conference is the only such meeting in the United States, and is the best venue for groundfish biologists to interact with colleagues from the fishing industry, the government, and universities.

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(February 11, 2008)