Annual Midwater Trawl Survey Completed

The SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division's pelagic juvenile rockfish midwater trawl survey aboard the R/V David Starr Jordan was completed June 18 in San Diego. This year only 102 midwater trawls were completed due to bad weather and large numbers of jellyfish, which often prevented trawling. In comparison, 182 trawls were completed in 2007 over a similar time period. Juvenile rockfish (Sebastes spp.), lingcod (Ophiodon elongatus), and Pacific hake (Merluccius productus) catches were higher than their respective 2005-2007 catches. This year widow rockfish (S. entomelas) were dominant north of Point Conception while species from the subgenus Sebastomus (rosy rockfish group) were dominant south of Point Conception. Also, catches of northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) were five times higher south of Point Conception than north of the Point, while the opposite was true for Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax), with six times more fish collected north of Point Conception than south. Catches of market squid (Loligo opalescens) were also greater than in the previous three years, but were dominated by small individuals (< 30 mm mantle length). In addition, Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) were caught in several trawls outside Monterey Bay and off Piedras Blancas.

(June 23, 2008)