Habitat Assessment Improvement Plan Meeting

The NMFS Habitat Assessment Improvement Plan (HAIP) team met at SWFSC Santa Cruz in July 2008. HAIP will be closely tied to improvement of stock assessments and other management strategies (such as Essential Fish Habitat designation and Integrated Ecosystem Assessments), and will be used as a funding vehicle for habitat research. The team is working toward a 2008 year-end deadline for completion of a first draft for this Plan.

The HAIP team includes NMFS marine habitat researchers from each Science Center (T. Minello, SEFSC; T. Noji, NEFSC; B. Stone, AFSC; C. Greene and W. Wakefied, NWFSC; F. Parrish and M. Parke, PIFSC; and M. Yoklavich, SWFSC), as well as representatives from the Office of Science and Technology (S. Brown, K. Blackhart, and J. Dai) and the Office Habitat Conservation (S. Giordano and K. Smith).

(July 28, 2008)