California Hatchery Scientific Review

The California Hatchery Scientific Review Group Report was released on August 7th with a news conference at Nimbus Fish Hatchery near Sacramento. The report is the culmination of a comprehensive, independent review of nearly all of California's salmon and steelhead hatchery programs by an expert panel of 11 scientists, including SWFSC Fisheries Ecology Division researchers Michael Mohr and John Carlos Garza. The review was commissioned by the US Congress in 2009, and organized and managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service through an agreement with the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.

The report provides detailed recommendations on all aspects of hatchery operations and their effects on naturally spawning salmon and steelhead populations, with major foci on Broodstock Management, Program Size and Release Strategies, Incubation, Rearing, Fish Health Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. The Review Report is expected to provide the blueprint for major changes to California's salmon and steelhead hatcheries over the next several years.


California Hatchery Review Project

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(August 8, 2012)