Salmon & Trout Education Program Workshop

The Fisheries Ecology Division hosted the Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project’s STEP workshop at the laboratory on 11-12 Feb. The STEP (Salmon & Trout Education Program) workshop was a 2-day educational program, with field and laboratory exercises, that train elementary and secondary school teachers on the ecology, conservation, and culture of salmonids. The teachers will receive a batch of fertilized steelhead eggs from MBS&TP’s hatchery in the Scott Creek watershed in Santa Cruz County, which their students will raise to the fry stage, then release into the watershed from which the broodstock was captured. Sean Hayes, Erick Sturm, and Bruce MacFarlane from the Salmon Ecology Team provided scientific guidance, information, and logistical support for the workshop. Currently, over 100 schools in the Monterey Bay and San Jose areas participate in the program. (February 20, 2006)