Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting

Carlos Garza and the Molecular Ecology Team (Fisheries Ecology Division) hosted the biennial Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting in Santa Cruz on June 22-24. The meeting brought together approximately 60 agency, tribal and university scientists from six U.S. states and Canada, including biologists from the AFSC, NWFSC, and the SWFSC, to give presentations on their research and discuss current and future collaborative projects. The meeting received funding support from CA Sea Grant and the Genetics Section of the American Fisheries Society. This funding provided support for student participation in the meeting and to invite a keynote speaker, Dr. Ben Koop, University of Victoria, who is the director of the Consortium of Genomics Research on All Salmonids Project (cGRASP). (June 26, 2006)