Completion of 2006 Juvenile Rockfish Identifications

Keith Sakuma of the Fisheries Oceanography Team finished processing the juvenile rockfish from the recent midwater trawl survey (confirming I.D.s and counts, taking length measurements, otoliths and genetic tissue samples), assisted by Kevin Stierhoff and members of the Molecular Ecology Team. In addition, Sakuma finished identifying and measuring the juvenile rockfish from the 2006 NWFSC-funded Pacific Whiting Conservation Cooperative (PWCC) survey. Sakuma and Tom Laidig (Habitat Ecology Team) identified six specimens of Sebastes reedi, which has never been observed in previous surveys. Juvenile rockfish catch and length data were sent to Vidar Wespestad of the PWCC, who will pass the data to the NWFSC. (September 5, 2006)