Klamath Dam Relicensing Hearing

Drs. Carlos Garza (Molecular Ecology Team) and Thomas Williams (Salmon Population Team) provided testimony for a Federal hearing pertaining to the relicencing of PacifiCorp’s Klamath River dams (August 21-25, 2006). The first hearing of its kind, this “Energy Policy Act Hearing” process was created by an amendment to the Federal Power Act passed by congress last year. In March, the Federal agencies issued the terms and conditions for a new license which included volitional fish passage and changes to flow. The purpose of the hearing is to resolve differences between the two parties over issues of fact justifying the agencies’ terms and conditions for the new license.

A determination on the issues of fact by Federal Administrative Law Judge Parlen L. McKenna is expected late September 2006. (August 31, 2006)