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Doug Kinzey
Research Fisheries Biologist
Phone: 858-546-5601

  • Ecological modeling of marine food webs
  • Fisheries
  • Antarctic ecosystems
  • Statistical parameter estimation and inference
Statistical models allow me to estimate the effects of fishing and related human activities on marine food webs in order to address such topics as: what are the direct and indirect effects of removals by commercial harvests? How can the information provided by combining models and data be used to project sustainable harvests into the future while protecting biodiversity and ecosystem function? I use an integrated approach that estimates unobserved values by supplying time series data to a model for the underlying dynamics responsible for the observations. The best statistical match among parameters, model and data is then used for inference about the system. An ultimate goal of this work is to assimilate human activities into the global ecosystem as an integral part of it rather than considering such activities as separate from the rest of nature.

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Paul R. Crone
Research Fishery Biologist
Phone: (858) 546-7069
Fax: (858) 546-5651

Fish population dynamics, Stock assessment, Biometrics, Sampling theory and methods

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