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Steven T. Lindley  Leader
Director, Fisheries Ecology Division
Phone: (831) 420-3921
Fax: (831) 420-3977
E-mail: steve.lindley@noaa.gov

I am interested in how the physical environment influences the dynamics of aquatic populations and communities. Recent work has been on Chinook salmon, steelhead and green sturgeon, in systems ranging from small coastal watersheds to the northeast Pacific. Specific research interests include ecosystem manipulations, capture-recapture studies, telemetry, trophic dynamics in tidal environments, numerical ecosystem simulations, and state-space modeling of ecological data.

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Kate Achilles
Deputy Director, Fisheries Ecology Division
Phone: (831) 420-3911
Fax: (831) 420-3980
E-mail: kate.achilles@noaa.gov

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