Benthic Resources (ROV) Group Staff

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David Murfin
Phone: (858) 546-7105
Fax: (858) 546-5651

Integration of submersible technologies into fisheries research.

Mechanics and Dynamics of Environmental Energy Transport.

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Kevin L. Stierhoff
Research Fisheries Biologist
Phone: (831) 420-3919
Fax: (831) 420-3977

-Habitat ecology of marine organisms

-In situ (ROV) visual surveys of marine benthic habitats and biological communities

-Physiological ecology and early life history (ELH) biology of estuarine and marine fishes

-Effects of hypoxia on estuarine and marine ecosystems

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Scott A. Mau
Research Fisheries Biologist
Phone: (858) 546-5645
Fax: (858) 546-7062

-Ecology of fishes

-Recruitment to fish populations

-Use of remote sensing techniques for monitoring populations of invertebrates and fishes

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