West Coast Regional CoastWatch Node

The NOAA CoastWatch program generates and delivers timely and relevant satellite-derived environmental products to support Federal, Municipal and State government decision makers, marine researchers, educators, and the public at large. These data are applied to a broad spectrum of activities ranging from the management of our Nation’s marine resources to recreational planning by divers and beachgoers. 

The West Coast Regional CoastWatch Node (WRCN) was founded in 1992 at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) in La Jolla, CA to provide products specially developed to meet the needs of data users along the West Coast of the United States.  In March 2003, the node moved to the SWFSC’s Environmental Research Division (ERD) in Pacific Grove, CA. 

Despite a number of changes in personnel and basic infrastructure, today’s CoastWatch continues to offer the products and services (e.g., “The El Nino Watch Report”) to which our users have grown accustomed, while also providing a vast suite of new and complementary data utilizing state-of-the-art data transport methods.  Through collaborative ventures with the ERD and elements of the emerging Integrated Ocean Observing System, CoastWatch personnel continue to refine their ability to make satellite data more useful and usable within our community.

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