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gsi_sim is a program written in C. It can be used to assess the accuracy expected of genetic stock identification given a genetic baseline. Its primary advantage over programs like GMA and SPAM is that the source code is available and it can be compiled for command line use on Unix-like systems. It also implements the essentially unbiased leave-one-out cross-validation method:

Anderson, E.C., Waples, R. S. and Kalinowski, S. T. (2008) An improved method for predicting the accuracy of genetic stock identification. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 65:1475–1486.

My co-author, Steven Kalinowski, has also made available some Windows software for performing similar calculations. This may be better for some users (particularly Windows users). It is available from

The main disadvantage of gsi_sim is that if you don't know your way around the Unix command line, and you aren't familiar with such utilities as grep, awk or perl, then it is going to be hard to get what you want out of the output. If you are familiar with such utilities, then the voluminous amount of program output can be flexibly harnessed to answer many different questions.

Download: gsi_sim_distribution.tar.gz (312 KB)


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