Pacific Fishery Management Council Support

October 2011

The Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) manages groundfish fisheries in U.S. waters off California, Oregon, and Washington. Members of the SWFSC Groundfish Analysis Team (GAT) have provided scientific advice to the PFMC and its advisory bodies for almost 30 years. Research by GAT members is often aimed at addressing issues directly related to management.

The Council relies on stock assessments to estimate stock status and sustainable yields for species in its Groundfish Fishery Management Plan (FMP). Members of the GAT have been lead authors on over 50 stock assessments and rebuilding plans for the PFMC, and provided support for several others. In response to recent legislation requiring Annual Catch Limits for all species in the FMP, GAT members developed a novel approach to estimating yield for more than 40 previously unassessed stocks.

Since 1980, GAT members have served on the PFMC's Groundfish Management Team (GMT), Scientific and Statistical Committee (SSC), and Ecosystem Plan Development Team (EPDT). Specific research contributions by GAT members include harvest policies for groundfish (e.g., FMSY proxies, harvest control rules, and proxy biomass levels), guidelines for rebuilding analyses, vulnerability analysis of unassessed stocks, characterization of scientific uncertainty as required by the MSRA, and development of assessment methods for data-poor and data-limited stocks.

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