Seminar series: Deep-sea corals and sponges as habitat

March 2015

A group of NMFS researchers convened an online seminar series to help scientists, managers, and the general public better understand the role of deep-sea corals and sponges as habitat for managed species. These seminars have given us new insight into the ecological associations among corals, sponges, fishes, and the myriad of other marine organisms that make a living on the seafloor at depths from 25 to greater than 1000 meters. This information can lead to more effective management and protection of these vulnerable communities.

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Deep sea corals and sponges as EFH (and related ecological musings)
Peter Auster (University of Connecticut & Sea Research Foundation), August 14, 2014
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Association of FMP species with emergent epifauna: Case studies from Alaska
Bob Stone (NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center), September 17, 2014
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Associations of groundfishes and corals in the Southern California Bight
Mary Yoklavich (NMFS Southwest Fisheries Science Center), October 29, 2014
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Deep-sea pennatulacean corals in the Northwest Atlantic: a nursery for Sebastes species and a habitat for other species
Sandrine Baillon, November 5, 2014
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Groundfish, deep-water corals, and sponges: Examining diel patterns of fish-habitat associations on Heceta Bank, Oregon
Sean Rooney (Washington State University), November 19, 2014
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Linking fish productivity to deep-sea coral and sponges in Alaska
Chris Rooper (NMFS Alaska Fisheries Science Center), December 10, 2014
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Fishes associated with deep reefs in the western North Atlantic: New species, rare observations, and a characteristic fauna
Andrea Quattrini (USGS Southeast Ecological Science Center), January 21, 2015
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Characterization of glass sponge habitats and associated groundfish in Grays Canyon area off the Washington Coast
Elizabeth Clarke, February 4, 2015
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