Geovisualization of SWFSC ROV surveys

The Advanced Survey Technologies-Benthic Resources (ROV) Group generates a vast amount of data during our surveys of benthic organisms. These data include video footage, high-resolution still photographs, and high-resolution oceanographic (e.g. temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen) and geospatial data (e.g. latitude, longitude, time).

Using Google Earth, we have developed several 'mash-ups' to help visualize our surveys in a virtual, undersea environment.

Explore the links below to view photos and and take 'virtual tours' with the Benthic Resources Group.

Deep-water corals along the West Coast of the US

In November 2010, scientists from the SWFSC and NOS participated in a 6-day research cruise aboard NOAA's newest Fisheries Survey Vessel (FSV), the Bell M. Shimada, to document the distribution of deep-water sponges and corals between San Diego, CA and Seattle, WA.


Deep-water corals off the coast of SC and GA

In April 2010, scientists from the SWFSC, NOS, and several universities participated in a seven-day research cruise aboard the NOAA Ship PISCES to investigate deep-water rocky reefs and associated sponges and corals off the coast of Georgia and South Carolina.


Benthic marine debris in central and southern CA

During our ROV surveys, we encounter a surprising amount of marine debris, or garbage in the ocean. Here is a collection of marine debris photos throughout southern California and also in Monterey Bay.


Last modified: 12/24/2014