PacFAAB Laser Equipped Digital Camera

The current lack of size-at-catch data currently being reported to local fishing clubs is not sufficient to accurately estimate the sizes of fish in the local population. A Digital camera with attached duel laser light pointers was developed as a method to estimate fish length in the water just prior to release. This proto-type digital camera apparatus mounted with two construction quality laser pointers had limited success. The laser pointers projected target beams on subject fish and worked fairly well on dark and overcast days but did not project on bright days. Digital cameras are readily available and relatively inexpensive while the cost of lasers powerful enough to project during day light periods remains high. Further there is additional danger of injury when using such powerful lasers on board small sport fishing boats.

A short-term and more cost efficient method is to use a ball or double knotted lanyard that can be clipped to the leader and allowed to float back along-side the fish. A digital picture could then be taken of the fish with the ball or lanyard in the picture. The size of the ball or distance between knots would be used to calibrate the true fish length.


Last modified: 12/24/2014