PacFAAB Volunteer Bridge Logs

Club members agreed to implement a volunteer bridge log for recreational billfish fishing.  The objective is to establish a time series index of catch-per-unit of effort (CPUE) for southern California recreational billfish fishing that would be used to detect trends in local billfish abundance.  The SWFSC agreed to develop a draft version of the log for club members to review.

The draft Bridge Log has been distributed to individual anglers and during one marlin tournament conducted in September 2000.  The key element in this volunteer collection of fishing activity is to completely record all fishing trips for an entire season.  Fishing days or trips with no catch are just as important as days/trips with catch.  Results have not been encouraging.  Those billfish anglers choosing to participate in the survey should commit to completing the bridge log for all trips conducted in a season regardless of catch.  Please let us know how this may be improved to encourage participation.

Last modified: 12/24/2014