PacFAAB Upgrade Tournament Data Recording

Club members agreed to work with SWFSC in upgrading the quality of the records taking during billfish tournaments. In particular, making sure that some measure of total fishing effort is recorded for each tournament so that catch per unit of effort (CPUE) can be estimated for both the numbers of sighted, hooked, caught, and released fish. SWFSC agreed to post results on the Web site. We are continuing to collect and analyze this information, as it becomes available. Past record for the Masters, Intentional Light Tackle Tournament (ILTT) are summarized and efforts are to increase effort data are being prepared for the 2001 season tournaments. To make these data more appropriate we would like to collect not only the number of fish taken in a tournament but also the number boats and anglers, days and hours fished, the number fish sighted, hooked, released tagged and landed. For those fish landed we need length and weight, catch location and a small tissue sample.

Last modified: 12/24/2014