PacFAAB Implement Tissue Sampling for Genetics and Physiological Studies

SWFSC agreed to provide sampling kits with instructions to the sportfishing clubs to distribute to there members and to individual anglers as well. A few grams of muscle or skin tissue from landed fish help identify stock structure, movement patterns, and the degree of mixing. Skin or fin clip tissue can also provide valuable information on the fish condition, sex, age and maturity. This is particularly important as it provides information on post-release survival of released fish.

At the present time we are collecting and archiving tissue samples while we seek the resources to begin the process of sequencing and analyzing the tissues. The building of a tissue bank is an essential preliminary step for future analysis. By the end of 2000 we had received nearly 40 striped marlin tissue samples. Kits are available for interested anglers.

Last modified: 12/24/2014