Sardine Survey

2016 Sardine Cruise

Eggs are collected while ships are underway using the continuous underway fish egg sampler or CUFES.

We will update this page frequently during the survey.

All data are preliminary and may be revised after samples are verified in the laboratory. The data posted here should not be used to interpret status of the populations or the state of the environment. Further analyses and additional data are required to make such assessments.


Data are overlaid on an image of satellite-derived sea-surface temperature (degrees C) for the nearest two-week or one-month period based on AVHRR 1.4-km resolution measurements. White areas indicate no data or temperatures outside the range of 11-19 deg C.

Egg maps from previous years

Cruise Plan

FSV Reuben Lasker 22 March-23 April 2016: 


FSV Bell M. Shimada 29 March-23 April 2016:


Last modified: 4/22/2016