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The Advanced Survey Technologies Program (AST) is part of the Fisheries Resources Division (FRD) at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC). AST supports ecosystem-based fisheries management through new or innovative uses of sampling technologies. AST's objectives include:
  • Characterize measurements and sampling uncerntainties, and define gaps in existing data,
  • Develop, refine, and employ advanced survey technologies to improve the accuracy, precision and efficiency of fisheries surveys and thus resulting stock assessments,
  • Conduct fisheries research and surveys using the instrumentation and methods the AST develops, and
  • Maintain an emphasis on the scientific objectives, opposed to the instrument or instrument platform being developed.

Examples of advanced survey technologies include: multi-frequency acoustic systems, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), instrumented buoys, instrumented small craft, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV). 

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Research activities


Target Strength Calculator
Online calculator used to obtain TS values of spheres for acoustic calibrations

Potential Sardine Habitat
Current and historical maps of potential sardine habitat using satellite data

ROV Survey Virtual Tours
View georeferenced imagery and virtual-tours using Google Earth

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Video about the AST's Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 

Image Gallery
View SWFSC's image gallery for pictures of rockfishes, abalone, marine debris, and more!



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