A multi-frequency echosounder array mounted on a custom built transducer pole on the F/V Outer Limits.

The SWFSC AST program is involved in the following projects:

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

The NOAA Fisheries AUV is a small, portable, and relatively inexpensive multi-instrumented AUV that is capable of being deployed off Fisheries Survey Vessels (FSVs), small craft, or shore to augment a marine ecosystem surveys.


Equipped with high-definition video and still cameras, along with a full suite of oceanographic sensors, the SWFSC ROV is capable of surveying groundfishes and benthic intertebrates from a range of survey vessels.

Instrumented Small Craft

AST has developed numerous instrumented trailerable vessels to test and refine equipment, train personnel, and perform multi-disciplinary coastal surveys.

Instrumented Buoys

To improve data collection on a broader time-scale, instruments buoys provide a cost-efficient method for deploying a variety of sensors to augment ecosystem monitoring.

Last modified: 12/24/2014