Sound Scattering Measurements Versus Pressure

For fish with gas-filled swimbladders, TTS spectra are strongly dependent on pressure.  This is especially true for deep dwelling physoclists such as rockfish.  To study the pressure of depth dependence of TTS spectra, AST has developed a multi-scattering hyperbaric tank.  By exploiting differences in these scattering spectra, FRD is developing non-lethal survey techniques for protected species such as rockfish (

The 1000-liter hyperbaric tank for characterizing the pressure dependence of broad bandwidth sound scatter from fish.  The tank is constructed of 316 stainless steel, has three observation windows, a man-way hatch, a maximum pressure rating of 500 psi., chiller, pumps, Conductivity, temperature, and pressure  sensors, and 12  fittings for sensors and plumbing. (photos by David Demer. Photo on right shows AST technicians Mike Patterson and Doug Krause during chamber construction)


Last modified: 12/24/2014