West Coast Groundfish


 Over 80 species of groundfish are managed or monitored under a Federal West Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan that is administered by the Pacific Fishery Management Council. NOAA Fisheries groundfish assessment and management are concentrated in the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Alaska Fisheries Science Center and the Southwest Fisheries Science Centers Santa Cruz Laboratory and are focused on species taken in the Oregon, Washington and northern California trawl fisheries. Little attention is given to groundfish species in southern California. Currently, the groundfish Fishery Management Plan focus is on the southern component of the stocks i.e., those stocks that have had significant fisheries and centers of abundance in southern California waters. When necessary, Fisheries Resources Division staff conducts joint stock assessments on such species with the California Department of Fish and Game. The recent concern over species found in southern California led to extensive joint remotely operated vehicle ( ROV) and acoustic surveys by scientists at the La Jolla SWFSC to investigate new methods to quantify rockfish abundance. Past joint assessments include the blackgill rockfish and cowcod . Future assessments may include cabezon. We also support WCG assessments by providing time series data on rockfish abundance monitored by the CalCOFI program, and through research projects on rockfish genetics, hake, and marine ecological reserves.